Home Releases # 3, 2008


Literary Сriticism


  • Smirnova Alfia Doctor of Philology, Professor


The article is devoted to the concept of myths poetics of one of the leaders and the theorists of Russian symbolism — Vyacheslav Ivanov. He asserted: «We go by the path of the symbol to the myth». His theory of myth creation the poet presented in such works as «Nietzsche and Dionis», «Wagner and Dionis’s action», «Two elements in the contemporary symbolism», «Dostoevskiy and the novel-tragedy» and others. After coming out with the idea of «the national skill», the theorist of symbolism understands under it purpose and sense of artistic evolution from the symbol to the myth, considering that it is called to regularly develop «original religious content of symbol».

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Smirnova, A. . (2008). VYACHESLAV IVANOV’S AESTHETICS OF MYTH CREATION: FROM SYMBOL TO MYTH Bulletin of the Moscow City Pedagogical University. Series "Pedagogy and Psychology", # 3, 2008,
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