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Literary Сriticism


  • Lyapon M.V.


With her views based on the analysis of the language experiment of the paradoxalist writers (Marina Tsvetayeva, Joseph Brodsky), the researcher argues in favour of a point that the «author's discourse», while granting the access to a subject’s personal code, does not only lie within a linguist competence, but also becomes a field of study for a psychoanalyst. The personalistic approach towards the subject provides an opportunity of interpreting the phenomenon of the “discourse” as a dialogue of two introspective minds. In the modern linguistics, the demand for the term “discourse” is a symptom of the intensified integration of the humanitarian fields of knowledge. The word “discourse” itself, while being declared a term of studies referred to the human spirituality (opposite to the word 'text'), plays a part of a kind of reflexeme.This term directs the philologist’s attention towards the individual strategies of argumentation and reveals the ways of studying the specific features characteristic of the Russian way of reasoning.

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