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  • Bogomazov Gennady Doctor of Philology, Professor
  • Ivanova E.L.


To determinate properties of Russian it is necessary to carry it evention that is ability to present a described situation in the form of event, in the form of developed action. With the evention is closely connected also the other property — prediction that is ability to show, what new element will follow in a sound circuit the given element that raises reliability of dialogue. One more important property of Russian can be characterized as ability “not to save on a material” that is the material party of language units sensitively reacts to change of functional value — any shift in value finds the reflection in the material party of a sign. These properties are characteristic for all levels of Russian. In work display of these properties is shown in segment and super segment phonetics, and also phonologic system, in oral and written forms of Russian.

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Bogomazov, G. . & Ivanova, E. . (2008). DETERMINATION QUALITIES OF THE RUSSIAN LANGUAGE ON PHONETIC LEVEL Bulletin of the Moscow City Pedagogical University. Series "Pedagogy and Psychology", # 3, 2008,
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