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Literary Сriticism


  • Belyaeva Irina Doctor of Philology, Professor


The article deals with the problem of psychopoetics, especially with such its branch, which interests in hidden psychological emotion, realized in “non-verbal” language. A.P. Skavtymov delivered this line of psychopoetics in Russian science. There was the methodology of eminent Russian philosopher S.L. Frank at the base of his investigation. S.L. Frank used such a term as “psyche’s live’’ for characterizing transcendental nature of man’s inner world. In this paper is made an attempt to follow the interrelation and to reveal relationship between human “psyche’s live” (or psyche's work) and fiction’s space and time at the materials of Turgenev’s and Goncharov's prose, because of space and time as a basic characteristics of literary text are the door into the any sphere of sense. The main conclusion of present investigation consists in follows: Turgenev and Goncharov as masters of "hidden psychology" paid special attention upon reproduction of "psyche's live" of theirs heroes with means of “external” language, “external" elements. And they preferred to w rite the moments of highest psyche’s work and vice ersa sleeping such a work in “psychological picture" of their characters by the specific organization of space and time.

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Belyaeva, I. . (2008). ON PSYCHOLOGICAL FUNCTION OF SPACE AND TIME IN TURGENEV’S AND GONCHAROV’S PROSE Bulletin of the Moscow City Pedagogical University. Series "Pedagogy and Psychology", # 3, 2008,
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